Vows on the Vineyard. Non-Denominational wedding officiants on Martha's Vineyard.

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Welcome to vows on the vineyard! I always hesitate to write the About page because I think, it's not about me, it's about YOU! But, I will indulge. My name is Stacey Thomas. I am an award winning licensed wedding officiant. I own a successful 5 year old wedding chapel based out of Philadelphia. I have personally performed over 950 weddings. Yes you read it right...950 weddings! I'm also a certified wedding planner with over 12 years of wedding and event planning experience. I understand the excitement and anxiety a couple feels about this very important day in their lives. I always tell my couples that no matter how big or small your wedding is, whether there are 2 guests, 20 or 200, it's still your wedding day and it needs to be perfect. I take pride in the weddings I perform. I want to create a beautiful lasting memory for everyone. I don't just marry you...I create an experience for you and hopefully your guests as well. There is a difference and it's an important one. How did I get to Martha's Vineyard you ask? I have been spending Summers in Martha's Vineyard since 1992. It is truly my happy place. I thought it would be a perfect marriage (no pun intended) to do what I love in a place I love. 

Prior to this chosen career, I was a corporate attorney for 14 years. Having that background has also given me an edge in this industry. I communicate, anticipate and troubleshoot extremely well. I know how to keep situations and people calm. I LOVE what I do. I love waking up every day knowing I am going to make someone's day extra special. It is an absolute joy, honor and privilege. Thank you for considering allowing me to share your wedding day.